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Senior Civil and Water Engineer - Kenya BasedSenior Civil and Water Engineer 


Arup has a long history in East Africa and has been gradually growing our reach across the region since 2012.

We are looking for an Associate to join our start up team in Nairobi, Kenya to help grow the business over a period of 3 years as a long-term assignment.
Since 2012 we have delivered projects in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, South Sudan and DRC and supported the delivery of others in Somalia through local partners. Our Clients range from international donors and development organisations, to private sector developers, public sector agencies and community-based organisations and NGOs. We work on projects at extremes of scale, from technical advice and support to the smallest of projects within under-served communities to region-scale infrastructure projects and city-scale developments. Sustainable development is at the heart of everything we do; every project contains opportunity to influence.
We have delivered a wide range of services: building design and advisory services, masterplanning, transport planning, renewable energy, business investor advisory services, due diligence reviews, fire engineering, lenders technical advisor, infrastructure advisory services, site development. We tailor our service offering to complement services typically provided within the region, looking for opportunities to shape a better way of delivering infrastructure and the built environment in the region.


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Eng Daniel Shihundu

New President at Transoft Solutions


Promoted Twice  within 2 Years


Promoted From Vice President to President  in 2020

Promoted from Senior Civil Engineer to Senior Vice President in 2019

He is a Civil Engineering graduate from  University of Nairobi and holds an MBA degree from the School of Management at the University of the Free State in South Africa.

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